Lymbago studio recording

In wholesale mlb jerseys two cheap jerseys weeks, cheap jerseys Lymbago, Why a Crate french rock-metal atmospheric/alternative/progressive (hum…) band from Lille (France) is going to produce its first record ! I’ll be their sound engineer and producer, which is an exciting, yet challenging, opportunity to enter the world of music production.

They have decided to release their music in the spirit of free art, which is a clever approach considering the evolution of the music industry. I therefore appreciate this and support them as much as I can.

This is why I ordered a professional sound card, an ART TubeFire 8, which has 8 inputs with 8 class-A tube preamps ! It works pretty well with Jack and FFADO (thanks Eugene for helping me in this choice), while you must have a good firewire interface (forget Ricoh one). The goal is to use only free software to produce this record, which is totally possible considering the awesome tools available (such as Ardour, Jamin, etc).

We have booked a studio, the Cabanamusic, for one week (last one of August) — thanks David. Here are some pictures :

It will be a one-week-sprint, very intense but I think also really amazing. I hope to produce a good record for this awesome band that really deserves it ! :D

By the way, if you want to support us, I’ve setup a web page to make a donation and/or pre-order the record !

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