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CS-SoC’09 ends too !

Yeah, CS-SoC… It’s like Google Summer of Code, but internal to the CrystalSpace community, hehe.

Jorrit (CrystalSpace project leader) proposed to sueastside (Jelle) to get a particular slot so that he can work on DAMN and its web interface during this summer and be paid also. Read Jelle’s blog for more informations.

The goal of this SoC was to build a Web interface on top of DAMN, to enable artists to work easily with the new tool chain we’re building at Kyanite. Jelle also added support for the Open Asset Import Library (Assimp) to DAMN, which is a very good thing. It provides us support for many new formats such as 3dsMax, Autocad, Maya, Quake, etc, etc (see here). He also made many other contributions, that you can read there.

We hope to use all his work soon to enpower the new tools even more ! :D

Thank you sueastside !

GSoC’09 mentoring ends

The CrystalSpace GSoC’09 is now almost over, students have to put their pencils down.

Sam Devlin, my student from the York institute, working on the Quest refactoring and Behaviour Tree implementation (Artificial Intelligence) for the Crystal Entity Layer, managed to successfully complete this challenge ! :-) Thank you Sam for your serious and involvement into this project. I couldn’t expect a better SoC ! You can read his proposal to understand the objectives better.

He managed to complete most of the objectives and we have worked on preparing a future integration of the BT into editors such as CrystalArchitect. Sam is going to be a Phd Student next year, but told us he will continue to contribute to the project, which is an awesome news for the CrystalSpace community !

CrystalSpace should therefore have soon a better Quest System and a sound implementation of the Behaviour Trees. Of course, it’s not totally complete, so volunteers are welcomed to finish it.

Thanks for your work, we’ll merge it to the main branch as soon as possible… and good luck for your PhD !!