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CS-SoC’09 ends too !

Yeah, CS-SoC… It’s like Google Summer of Code, but internal to the CrystalSpace community, hehe.

Jorrit (CrystalSpace project leader) proposed to sueastside (Jelle) to get a particular slot so that he can work on DAMN and its web interface during this summer and be paid also. Read Jelle’s blog for more informations.

The goal of this SoC was to build a Web interface on top of DAMN, to enable artists to work easily with the new tool chain we’re building at Kyanite. Jelle also added support for the Open Asset Import Library (Assimp) to DAMN, which is a very good thing. It provides us support for many new formats such as 3dsMax, Autocad, Maya, Quake, etc, etc (see here). He also made many other contributions, that you can read there.

We hope to use all his work soon to enpower the new tools even more ! :D

Thank you sueastside !

Kyanite lille meeting #1

Pablo (caedes) came to Lille for one week so that we could see each others and code on CrystalArchitect, CAF, DAMN & Metamodel :-)

He visited the lab where I work and discovered what I do with the these python packages we wrote — on the profesionnal side. He could also see some works around the Fractal component model and we had some interesting discussions.

We also visited the 3d team of the lab so that he could see what they do (multitouch applications, virtual reality, …) there.

Of course, we also had  fun, drinking some good beers and eating many dishes with mayonnaise =P. I also discovered the spanish omelette, which was great !

The result of dicussions and work is there : Lille dev meeting.

We also saw a prototype of what Sueastside (Jelle) is doing for the CrystalSpace SoC and it was very cool ! The status of his work is there : DAMN SoC’09.

Next meeting should be Amsterdam :D